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Our site is an British portal site. A site that gives you access to British search and directory services, news, maps, information, etc.

We use Google search forms that allow you to search Google from our site. The results are biased toward British websites. So if you search for real estate for example you should get British real estate sites first. We also maintain a small British search database of our own.

We provide a British website directory derived from the DMOZ directory. That is a categorised human edited world directory of more than 4 million websites. We only display the British DMOZ directory content.

We will eventually have some 1500 British maps that are provided by Google. There should be maps of most British localities.

We display British news headlines that are aggregated by several news aggregation services. Those services take news headlines from leading world news organisations and they allow sites like ours to display the headlines. The headlines link to the original news articles.

We have some nice British photographs and they are quite popular.

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